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5 Signs you're ready to go Natural

by ZURI Magazine in Natural Hair

Are you ready to go Natural?

For many of us, if not all of us, going Natural is a big step... okay A HUGE step. A lot of us are asking the same questions; "Will it suit me?", "Will it restrict my style choices?" and probably the biggest one - "Will I have to do the BC (Big Chop)?". ISISMag Issue One was our "Transitioner's Guide" into the world of embracing your innate curls and below are 5 of the points (in no particular order) that led our transitioners past the threshold!

1) You don't want the harsh chemicals in relaxers.

This has been a consideration of many women for years to come however is still relevant today. What do relaxers do in short? Relaxers straighten curly hair by breaking down the bonds in the hair shaft. The active ingredient in most relaxers is Sodium Hydroxide which is extremely corrosive and can cause dermatitis with long term exposure. What’s the price of beauty these days? 

2) You flirt with the thought of your curls

Scenario: You've had your weave in for a month to 3 months (depending on the quality of the hair and the Queen in question) or the regrowth has reached the point of no return and it's time you gave your hair a break. You wash your hair (with added conditioner for some), blow dry it and stare in the mirror... And you notice something you haven't really seen before, curls. Thick, healthy curls that give you a completely different look. It grows up as opposed to down the side of your face, another point you've never really paid attention to. Most of all, it looks completely beautiful and you start to feel scared because you're considering the possibility of looking like this for longer than the 10 minutes you've now spent in front of the mirror. This, this is Flirting with your Curls.

3) You'd like more choice.

The notion that Naturals have less choice than those who choose to wear their hair in a different style is grossly incorrect. We'd like to argue that we in fact have MORE choice than them, let us explain. Summery hot day? Blow Out. Spring medium breeze? Up Do. Autumn dry, medium breeze? Braids. Winter hair-drying breeze? Wig, Weave or Yarn Locs. These are just some of the styles you could enjoy without losing the straight look (weave/ wigs) when the time calls or when you feel like it. Need we say more?

4) You'd like to learn more about yourself.

Becoming natural isn’t an easy task; it takes patience, research and what we think is a frequently forgotten part; experimenting. But baring this in mind, you get to discover what essential oils your scalp/ hair loves, finding out your hair type, how it reacts to certain ingredients and it can be such a wonderful experience feeling in tune and working with your body. Any natural can tell you the pride they felt when they pulled off their first Natural Style!

5) You'd like a challenge.

Leading nicely on from point 4, overcoming the struggle it takes to find your staple style or to finally take the BC (if this is the path you choose) builds character that will ignite the Queen in you. A sense of a accomplishment knowing you did your own hair, through your own research, for that all important event can make it all worth it.


Does any of the above sound like you? If you're lost on how to get started, have a look at
ISISMag Issue One.

ZURI Magazine

ZURI Magazine

ZURI Magazine is the ULTIMATE go-to guide for women with Natural hair, locs, curls or who may be transitioning. Filled with tips, tricks and expert advice from your favourite bloggers, vloggers and beauty experts- it’s the only place for all your feminine needs.
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