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3 stock photo sites radically redefining black representation

by ZURI Magazine in Chat

Have you ever searched for hours and hours for an image of a black woman on a stock website? What did you find? Were you disappointed? Yeah, we were too (still are). Every issue, we spend hours sourcing images that will represent us as the queens and beautiful women we are and it’s sad how often we are forgotten in the Media. There seems to be a “limit” we reach until the images of half naked women become the main focus, as if this is all we have to offer. Quite frankly, it’s ridiculous, demeaning and quite frankly needs to change.


Yes, we are finally being acknowledged for being positive role models but it’s all happening at snail-pace. This is why it’s encouraging to know that 3 companies have taken it upon themselves to expand the representation of being black in stock imagery.

Created by Kenneth D. Wiggins, he too became tired of mindless searching just to find an image that correctly represented the community. Coming from a design background (like our Founders), he’s well aware of the impact of imagery within the media industry and decided to launch


“This platform is set out to connect without using propaganda. You will not get stereotypical depictions on BlackStock, we provide authenticity.”


The brainchild of Jenifer Daniels and James Stewart Jr. Getcolorstock focuses on adding diversity to media representation. Much like the above, Jenifer and James found trouble finding images that reflect them in an authentic voice or viewpoint.


“We are not invisible. We’re quirky and creative. Accessible and honest. Professional yet fun. But most of all, we’re authentic. We’re colorstock.”

createHer Stock

CreateHER Stock has a particular focus on black women offering resources and images “for the everyday blogger and creative of colour”. Founded by Neosha Gardner, her and her team wanted to create things that they could actually relate to.


“For ladies who blog and create in various places and spaces”


For a while we’ve relied on others to tell our story, to inform the world of our culture and things we like. This is where the problem has been for the longest time. The emergence of the above sites tells us 3 things:

  • We have the resources to tell our own story
  • We can solve our own problems WITHIN our community
  • Regardless of what they put on television, we are doing positive things

We ask that you support the above companies in whatever way you can. Whether that’s via social media, signing up to their service or recommending a photographer you know to the sites – it all counts. Share this post with a friend and help continue our story.



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