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Why the Images Are the Lyrics in Beyoncé Formation Video!

by Linda Graham in Celebs


Once again Beyoncé boldly reminds us why she is Queen B when she unexpectedly dropped her new single, ‘Formation’- her first release since her 2014 album,  “Beyoncé: Platnium Edition”.


Ever heard the saying; there are so many ways to skin a cat? Well that's exactly what Beyonce does in 4 minutes and 52 seconds. Let us bow down once again as she skillfully does this in 3 easy steps in her video:


1. Glorifying Natural Hair

Within her first verse of the Formation track, Beyoncé shuts her critics down by stating her appreciation of natural hair by stating, "I like my baby hair with baby hair and afro."


Blue Ivy in Formation Video

Blue Ivy looks so angelic! Awww!


Oh and not to mention, her dancers outfits completely SLAY while paying homage to the Black Panther movement, who were pivotal in the progression of the civil right movment of the 60s and 70s. They were also very active in the social, economic and educational development of black communities. We see you Queen B! 


2. Dignifying the imagery of black people

I don’t know about you, but I'm sure many of you around the African diaspora are fed up with seeing negative images of ourselves in the media and I'm completely excited about the idea of Beyoncés overt celebration of black beauty and excellence presented in a glorified and prestigious way.


The Royal presentation


Strong presentation of Black Men, opposite of our stereotypical media image


3. Non-verbally airs her views on police brutality

Finally, there is a powerful scene of a young black boy towards the end of the video dancing in a black hoody which one could argue, pays homage to Trayvon Martin. The video then shows a graffitied message on a wall with the powerful message, “STOP SHOOTING US” which also clearly outlines the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement. 


The use of a young, black, boy clearly exemplifies the innocence of not only himself, but the many black individuals who have also been killed in the hands of police officers not just in the US but globally. 


This video is a clear expression of black pride, black excellence and political issues currently happening around the world. This piece of art is a breath of fresh air and is a reminder that art is another great form of communication.


Forget the lyrics to her song; this time the images are the lyrics!


Linda Graham

Linda Graham

Spiritual | Vegan | LSE Academic | Autodidac | Bibliophile | Founder & Chief Editor of ZURI Magazine | E: or tweet me @LindaGraham89
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