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Essential curly hair tips for Spring/Summer

by ZURI Magazine in Natural Hair

We all love the warmer seasons for one reason or another, whether it's for the ice creams, the excuse to buy new clothes or that coveted glisten our skin receives. The warmer months are a huge favourite for anyone. Some of us have already updated our wardrobe but what about our hair?

Our regimes are always changing in search of that magical formula to healthy, manageable and soft curls. Unfortunately, many of us become frustrated because the products that work for another girl doesn't work on our hair for many reasons, the most popular ones we've heard are:


  • "Her hair type is different to mine"
  • "She must be mixed with something, that wouldn't work for my type of hair"
  • "I wish I wasn't allergic to *insert active ingredient here*"


The above reasons are why many give up on allowing our hair to breathe in the warmer months and resort to a protective style, which isn't a bad choice by any means but how does your hair feel about being trapped inside at 22 degrees?


We're hopefully now all aware that companies do make products with your hair type in mind and for Issue 4 we've teamed up with Founder of CURLS LLC, Mahisha Dellinger, as she gives you her expert solutions on combating Curly Hair problems. Who better than a producer of hair products to help you through your moments of distress? 


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ZURI Magazine

ZURI Magazine

ZURI Magazine is the ULTIMATE go-to guide for women with Natural hair, locs, curls or who may be transitioning. Filled with tips, tricks and expert advice from your favourite bloggers, vloggers and beauty experts- it’s the only place for all your feminine needs.
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