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An essential detangling tool every natural should have

by ZURI Magazine in Natural Hair

Detangling is probably one of the longest most tedious tasks you go through as naturals and given the choice, would actually opt out of it... no really, you would, exhibit A:

And honestly, who can blame you? It’s tiring, you risk breakage and you can’t decide on a method to begin with! To the point where a lot of you even overdo it...

Natural hair shouldn’t be tedious, you shouldn’t want to quit and based on the emails we receive the main question that girls (and guys) are wondering is “What’s best tool to use for detangling??” Well we’ve found a gem that you’ll love and one that Chief Editor @Lindagraham89 stands by.

Knot Genie

Originally created for mothers who wanted to care for their children’s hair in a painless breakage free way, Knot Genie is a favourite amongst many naturals. The reason it’s so effective is that the bristles are different lengths and bend with the hair gently detangling each strand which causes almost no stress on the hair’s cuticle (yay no breakage!). It’s available in many colours and the brush is shaped like a cloud making holding the brush comfortable for any natural!

Knot GenieKnot Genie

For those who prefer a longer handle....

Knot Genie, is sure to become the number one tool for any natural serious about detangling, click here to buy yours now.

ZURI Magazine

ZURI Magazine

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