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5 Essential Oils You Should Be Using For Hair Care

by ZURI Magazine in Natural Hair

Looking after your hair and skin can be difficult with so many essential oils to choose from. Oils have different properties, strengths, smells and usages so we've done a little round-up of some that can beneficial for hair maintenance. As always, please take care when using and mixing these oils and if you are not sure please contact your doctor for advice; we aim to inform, not prescribe.


Geranium is a stimulating and anti-inflammatory oil with a sweet floral scent. Although it possesses stimulating properties it is brilliant in soothing and promoting balancement throughout the scalp and hair.


Deep, rich, rosy-spicy and honey-like aroma; Rose delivers scents that will leave you smelling amazing. Much like Geranium, although it is described as 'The Uplifting Oil' it's also perfect for soothing the scalp and hair. Remember ladies, balancement is the Key and these first two oils do just that!

Lavender (Organic)

France presents us with Lavender blessing us with its fresh, sweet and floral aroma. One of the most popular oils widely used in aromatherapy, probably because of its amazing soothing properties. Noticing weak strands or a slow in growth? This oil is for you.


Strong and fresh with a woody balsamic undertone, sounds beautiful. A restorative and energising oil which is perfect for promoting circulation within the scalp; circulation and growth go hand in hand so grab this oil, and get massaging!

Tea Tree

Providing us with a warm, fresh and spicy aroma Tea Tree is one of the best (if not the best) for fighting off basic scalp ailments with its antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties. Keep this one close by to ensure optimum hair and scalp health.

Tip: Keep a mixture of Tea Tree and Water (2 parts water) in your bag ready to Spritz whenever, wherever! 

Are you missing some of the oils above? Check out Neal's Yard Remedies for natural essential oils.


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