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The Burdens of Black Women Battling Fibroids

by ZURI Magazine in Holistic Health

Natural Woman

It's time to talk- seriously...

In a time where the strong black woman ‘appears’ to be the dominate norm, some of the burdens she carriers have sadly gone unnoticed, especially when it concerns areas regarding women’s health.


Uterine Fibroids are non-cancerous growths of tissue and muscle which can develop or grow in the uterus. Research suggests that fibroids tend to affect women of African descent between the ages of 35-50. They can vary in size and be as small as a 5p coin or grow as large as a watermelon. Some women can go for years, unaware that they have one.


However, most research- both academic and scientific suggest that fibroids are frequently common amongst women of African descent, however its only know that young women are stepping forward and sharing their stories about their personal battle with uterine fibroids.


Many of the young girls we interviewed, before writing this article had never even heard of uterine fibroids and it seems that women’s health is something which isn’t frequently discussed between young girls between the ages of 15-21.


So whose role is it?

Perhaps more conversations need to happen between mothers and daughters and female family members in general; especially if there are large amounts of young people who are unaware of fibroids or worse case scenario (unaware that they have one).


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