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"Help! Which Essential Oil do I use on my Natural Hair??"

by ZURI Magazine in Natural Hair

Essential Oils

It’s a question we’re emailed often about by many naturals at different stages of their journey. Regardless of how long you’ve been natural, the above will always remain a valid question because we all want to do what’s right for our hair. Confusion when dealing with natural hair is never a good place to be because all it takes is the wrong product or detangling tool to undo months of healthy growth. Much like hair care products, an appropriate essential oil can leave your hair more manageable and ready to style, so let’s discuss.

The problem

The everyday natural is used to using and unfortunately relying on mainstream products or pre mixed products to manage their hair. A lot of us have heard about essential oils but aren’t sure about their properties, whether they work, or even how to use them and from this we can conclude three things:

  • We aren’t taking our natural hair journey into our own hands
  • We’re unsure about the effectiveness of essential oils
  • We’re unsure of whether essential oils will fulfil the needs of our hair

The 5 step solution 

Don’t worry if any of the above points describe you, we’re here to help and have 5 actionable point you can help you become a natural hair essential oil guru.

  1. Find your objective aka #HairGoal!
    Do you know yours? No? Well a simple question to ask yourself is, “What have I been trying to achieve for the last 3-6 months?” Your #HairGoal will point you in the direction of what oil you need, for example if its healthy hair growth you might purchase Castor Oil or Rosemary Oil.
  2. Research and more research
    Whether its reading books, YouTube videos, or ZURI Magazine information is your best friend. You can never know too much about your hair, scalp and how they work together. Does the above sound too much to handle amongst your busy schedule? Sometimes all it takes is 20mins in the Natural Hair section of a blog to find your answer.
  3. Shopping!!
    The product junkies have been waiting for this one! Buy your essential oils (in it’s purest and undiluted) from your favourite manufacturer. We recommend Neal’s Yard Remedies, not only because of the quality of their oils, but because of their ethical practises.
  4. Mix it all up
    With your #HairGoal from point 1 and your newly acquired knowledge from point 2, (look at your all grown up!) you’ll be able to mix an elixir with your gorgeous natural hair at the centre. This is an important step because it’s where you put yourself back in control.
  5. Apply with the enthusiasm of a thousand naturals
    Whether it’s in a spritz bottle (our personal fav) or a cute lil tub (if you’ve mixed it with Shea Butter) you’ll be applying your elixir based on your regime. For some of us that’s daily in the morning, for others it may be weekly depending on your mixture.

Essential oils are very effective and it would be a shame to keep them out of your regime. Tweet us and let us know your favourite mixture, for sharing is caring x 

ZURI Magazine

ZURI Magazine

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