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The Quiet Million Man March of 2015

by Linda Graham in Chat


All Photo Credit for this Post: (AP Photo/Evan Vucci) (Evan Vucci) found via


I'm sure many of you who have been on social media over the past few days were able to catch wind of the Million Man March that occurred in Washington on the 10th of October 2015.


The main theme for this march focused on issues relating to police brutality with a clear and powerful message...


To be honest, I was next to dumbfounded about the lack of media coverage this event received via mainstream media outlets; you know, the big media giants who like to "Get on the Ground Coverage" and report "Exclusively" (BBC News, CNN, FOX) but I haven't really heard anything. 


On the other hand it could be me, since I'm not a regular consumer of news and such outlets aren't biased in their selection and reports of what they consider to be news, then it was probably me.  However, thank God for the social media and independent news channels right? I certainly wouldn't have found out otherwise!


What did you think about the coverage?


Were you like me?  Did you hear or see any new coverage from your main media platform and if so which ones? 


Tweet me your views about the media coverage regarding the Million Man March of October 2015 or leave a comment below- I'd love to hear from you.


Untll next time!





Linda Graham

Linda Graham

Spiritual | Vegan | LSE Academic | Autodidac | Bibliophile | Founder & Chief Editor of ZURI Magazine | E: or tweet me @LindaGraham89
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