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Why We Should Worship Water!

by ZURI Magazine in Holistic Health

WATER can relieve a stunning variety of medical conditions. By simply adjusting your fluid and salt intake this can help you treat and prevent dozens of diseases, avoid costly prescriptions drugs, and enjoy vibrant new found health! 


Below are 11 Funtastic Facts about water that you probably already know! 

  1. 2/3 thirds of the human body consists of water
  2. Digestive juices amount to 98% organic water
  3. The digestion processes needs water
  4. Muscle consists of 75% water
  5. Water expands by 9% when it freezes
  6. We evaporate 1 gallon of water in a 24 hour period
  7. The brain consists of 90% water
  8. A 2% drop in our body’s  water levels triggers dehydration
  9. 5 glasses of water can decrease risk of colon cancer by 45%
  10. Water dissolves more substances than any other liquid
  11. To create one pint of beer it takes 20 gallons of water


Bored of drinking water? Why not spruce it up by adding some of your favourite fruits or herbs in the bottom of an empty jar and mix up the contents with a wooden spoon (so the fruits don't become mushy). Fill the jar with filtered water and leave it in the fridge overnight for maximum flavour! 

Sit back, relax and enjoy!

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