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Why ISIS Mag is pro hair typing!

by ZURI Magazine in Natural Hair

We are Pro Hair Typing!


Many of the ISIS Team members have sat in meetings with many hair care manufacturers both large and small and the majority of them always have a target audience with their products. Who wouldn't? especially if you're in business-right? Hair care companies always know the type of hair textures that will work well with their product and therefore, that's how they market their products (specific models with specific hair types etc). The more you learn about your hair, you will find that not every product will work the same way as it did for your friends.

Start with a small hair regime noting the key things you normally do;

  1. How often will you wash your hair in a month?
  2. Will you use shampoo or co-wash?
  3. How often in a quarterly period will you deep condition or do a hot oil treatment?
  4. How long will your hair be in a protective style for?

As a consumer, many of you who may have an issue with hair typing may look at it as a process of division and see it has a negative. It is your perception and up to you how you see it. As a consumer, you may be viewing hair typing from an emotional place whereas for business its all about money and sales. On our end, we are for hair typing as it means women with naturally kinky, curly, hair will not spend time and money on mainstream products catered to different hair textures and densities from their own.


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ZURI Magazine

ZURI Magazine

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