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What is a Hair Cycle and Does it Have Wheels?

by Linda Graham in Natural Hair

Questions of the confused naturalista...


Hair cycle? (Extract Taking from issue 3 of ISIS Mag) 

During the process of taking out, detangling and washing my hair I realised that I would lose a reasonable amount of hair. So being the curious bunny that I am, I decided to do some research and came across something new- “Hair Cycle”. Readers I must admit, when I saw it I took a deep breath and sighed contently because I realised it was a normal part of my hair cycle.


At its most basic, every hair follicle is bound by the rules and regulations of a cycle which consists of growth (birth) up until the time it leaves the scalp through shedding (death). Within this period of growth and shedding hair follicles are granted permission to relax, which is known as a resting phase. During this time your hair neither grows nor breaks, it’s just there, waiting... to fall out (sorry I couldn’t help it). After its wait is done, it may shed and a new hair strand grows in its place which initiates the beginning of a new hair cycle and that is it! That’s the basic process of hair growth and why some hairs may sheds. 


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Linda Graham

Linda Graham

Spiritual | Vegan | LSE Academic | Autodidac | Bibliophile | Founder & Chief Editor of ZURI Magazine | E: or tweet me @LindaGraham89
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