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What's causing your thinning edges?

by ZURI Magazine in Natural Hair

It's one of our biggest nightmares and also the one thing we'd like to avoid under any circumstances. It could erase months of hard work, researching and product testing but somehow with all our efforts to avoid thinning edges some of us (hopefully not most of us) still manage to suffer. Has anyone found an answer that applies to us all? Perhaps a better question is, can one cause actually apply to us all?

Let's face it..

Natural Hair

When we first return to our natural hair state, the excitement of new products, new styles and admiring our natural hair length causes us to forget the possibility of breakage and it's only after a number of months (some of us even years) do we begin to notice the damage we've caused. At this point it's either too late, or we feel it's too late and resort to our go-to protective style.


We believe there isn't a one size fits all reason to edge loss- our genes, regimes and lifestyles makes it almost impossible! However we can find trends amongst our daily routines that could cause thinning edges or maybe draw on the most popular causes and find out what fits.

So what can we do about it?

ISIS Mag Issue 4Inside ISIS Mag Issue 4, we delve into the 13 Causes of Thinning Edges from a holistic approach. We tackle possibilities including but not limited to lifestyle, genes & nutrition to give you a broad understand of thinning edges but also to remind you that a lot of the time it's not just one thing.


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ZURI Magazine

ZURI Magazine

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