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5 reasons every natural needs a #HairGoal

by ZURI Magazine in Natural Hair


Having a goal is important to anything we’re doing in life, and Natural Hair is no different. What is a #HairGoal some might ask? Well its end point or desire we have for our hair. It doesn’t have to have a timeframe but it’s more effective if it does. For those who don’t have one yet or are considering scrapping theirs (for whatever reason) here’s 5 reasons every natural needs one.

  1. Something to look forward to
    Ever worked so hard for something and finally achieved it? How did you feel? How did you celebrate? Your #HairGoal is your trophy, that final grade or that promotion you’ve been aiming for. Journeys are important and we learn a lot but reaching the end makes it all worth it.
  2. Encouragement during hard times
    We all need support at some stage point in our life and the natural journey is definitely one of these points. Not only can our #HairGoal act as an end point, but also as a form of support for us. Knowing that our hair inspiration went through the same frustrations we did provides encouragement that we can get there too.
  3. Ensures you take conscious actions
    If there isn’t an aim, how do we discover what steps to take? A conscious action could be using a specific essential oil or an effective detangling tool. What you do on your hair journey will directly impact how long it takes to reach your #HairGoal.
  4. Helps keep you focused
    Being natural is hard, and frequently we may want to do things or use products our friends are using however this can be counterproductive. Everyone has a different goal and because of this, we need to stay focused.   
  5. Helps you decipher what’s important
    Whether it’s healthy hair or steady hair growth, there are things we could eat, buy or use that are more important than other options available to achieve our #HairGoal. Having a goal will always remind you what’s important and what isn’t.

Tweet us @ZURIMagazine with your #HairGoal, or length check, there’s nothing more fulfilling than being encouraged for your progress !

ZURI Magazine

ZURI Magazine

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