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How to prepare a Skin Regimen that works

by ZURI Magazine in Skin

Maintaining your skin is important, whether you’re male or female. For guys it may be getting rid of razor bumps or that odd spot that appears every so couple of months and for women we’re always looking for that flawless glow that lasts the whole week. Achieving the above between our increasingly busy schedules can be tough, costly and unfortunately, ineffective. Our skin is what we present to the world every morning when we leave to work, so it’s important to look and feel our best. Preparing a skin regimen could be the difference between spending an hourr in the morning to spending just 15 mins, have a read of our simple steps below.

Find out your skin type

There are 5 main skin types and we’ve listed them below so you can decipher what you fall under.

  • Normal Skin - has medium pores, a smooth look and an even texture, which is due to good circulation. This type has an even tone and rarely experiences the hardships of spots, acne or rashes.
  • Combination Skin - Apparently, 70% of people have this skin type! Typically, you may experience either dryness or excess oil, on the cheeks, forehead or nose (the typically T-zone areas.)
  • Dry Skin - Fine Pores - This type may feel tight especially after being cleansed. It can become flaky and red (that is if you have a lighter complexion), ashy or dull (if you have a darker complexion). Dry skin is also prone to wrinkling
  • Oily Skin - Large Pores – Will appear shiny/greasy and is more likely to break out into acne however this type isn’t prone to ageing or wrinkling!
  • Sensitive Skin - This is not necessarily a skin type but is one which describes a reaction process. Irritation can occur from products containing alcohol, perfume or other chemicals. Sensitive skin is more prone to the trials of spots.

Find products that work with your skin type 

Right, so we know more about our skin, great! Now it’s time to work with it as opposed to against it. A lot of the times we blame our skin for misbehaving when we throw anything and everything on it. Where possible resort to essential oils as it gives you more control if you wanted to mix your own lotion and you can guarantee that they contain nothing but the plant extract that you paid for.

Pro Tip: When mixing a essential oils, ensure you have a base oil


Prepare a schedule 

Devising a routine will not only save you time but your skin will love you for it because of the consistency you are providing. Your schedule could vary from simple to complex, as long as it works for your skin and allows you to be flexible with your time. Your schedule should consist of days where you don’t apply anything to your skin, we call this “Breathing Time” which is an essential part of maintaining healthy, glowing and radiant skin.


Stick to it!

Probably the hardest part of any regimen is sticking to it. Why? Because we’re either too busy or don’t notice any positive changes. Our advice is don’t quit too soon! Track your skin’s behaviour for a couple weeks under your current regimen and if you still feel it’s not working out, don’t be afraid to change some bits. Maybe remove a product, add a product or even increase your water intake (again, often forgotten). Your regimen is for you, made by you – never be limited by it.

If you already have a skin regimen, let us know what you did or your results in the comments below

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