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Get the Most Out Of Your Protective Style with 3 Essential Tips

by ZURI Magazine in Natural Hair

Protective Style


Winter is coming! The cold weather that is fast approaching can be really tough on your naturally curly hair and so this is the time to take measures to ensure that it is as protected as possible. While it is true that protective styles do not normally allow you to show off your natural tresses in all their glory, the good news is that you can still look flawless with a protective hairstyle! Buns, braids, twists… the list of potential protective styles that you can try are endless! Why sacrifice style for protection –  when you can have both?

Take a look at these 3 protective styling tips that will help you shield your beautiful head of hair in the winter AND have you looking fabulous as well.


  1. Moisturise
    Even with a protective style you need to regularly moisturise your hair, especially during winter so that it does not get brittle and dry. Moisturising will help to minimise damage such as dry, split ends. In our previous article, 5 Essential Oils You Should Be Using for Hair Care, we spoke about a couple of oils that you can use to moisturise your hair.  You will have hair that is healthier, softer and more bouncy when you moisturise it. Whichever protective style you choose, make sure that it allows you to easily moisturise your hair shaft as well as your scalp. 
  2. Keep It Clean!
    We know that washing your hair in the cold weather is not much fun, but it is still very important to wash your hair during Winter. Washing your hair will remove product build up and give room for new moisturisers to work when you apply them. When you are wearing a protective hairstyle try to wash your hair at least twice a month depending on your schedule. Washing your hair with shampoo in the Winter could actually make it drier. One alternative method is Apple Cider Vinegar, it can be used on a cotton ball to dry clean your scalp and remove dirt. When your hair is clean it will feel fresh and less heavy.
  3. Wrap it Up
    There are several advantages to covering your hair with a wrap every night when you are wearing a protective style. Wrapping your hair will help your protective style looking fresh for much longer than it would without a wrap. You can potentially keep your style for as long as three weeks! We prefer satin hair wraps for wrapping natural hair as they are especially effective at locking in moisture and, well, they just feel good. Rolling around in your bed at night with your natural hair unwrapped, even if it is in a protective style, can easily lead to breakage. Wrap it up to keep your hair safe and your protective style looking fresh.

To Conclude...

Using these tips will allow you to keep your protective style for longer during the cold Winter. While your hair is in a protective style you will be able to save time as in most cases all you really need to do is moisturise it regularly and wrap it up at night. Keeping your hair safe from the dry weather is not as difficult as it seems. Choose a protective style that suits your personal image and lifestyle, go forth and be the beautiful goddess that you are. 


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