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Why Rapeseed Oil Is Raping Your Health

by Linda Graham in Holistic Health


The more I learn about food and healthy living; it’s like the more I feel I don’t know. This discomfort suddenly arose when my mum noticed I purchased a large bottle of Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil from my local supermarket. Initially , when she started explaining I wasn’t paying her much attention however I did catch bits of what seemed like,  “it’s toxic” “FDA was paid 50 million”…. But at this time I was on my way out. In the end I’m glad I listened.


Four hours later I return home and my mum is still going about her Rapeseed Oil revelation so I decided to investigate.  Armed and ready, I took my pen and A5 journal and took to the internet and boy was I astounded. There were many websites which suggested and discussed (in detail) the health benefits and dreaded dangers of consuming Rapeseed Oil (frequently referred to Canola Oil). I decided to research books, academic journals and publications regarding this mysterious oil and I did come across one book in particular, “Canola and Rapeseed: Production, Chemistry, Nutrition, and Processing Technology” by Springer, (1990) which seemed available only as an ebook and at a very uncomfortable price (but is well worth it). What interested me about this mysterious oil was that even when I logged in (via my university login) where you can get free access to academic journals, this journal was only for purchase, (Weird)! Much of the research conducted of this plant derived oil glorifies the innovative process of purifying Rapeseed to make Canola.


In England it’s called Rapeseed, and I guess that was why I’d never heard about it before, but in other countries it’s called Canola Oil, so what name came first? One author wrote, “Rapeseed and Canola must not be used interchangeably as Canola was developed from Rapeseed through traditional plant breeding techniques” (A. McInnis 2004). What sets the two apart?


“Canola is the registered name for Rapeseed which contains less than two per cent of the total fatty acids in the oil as erucic acid. However in 1985, Rapeseed and Canola were recognised by the US Food and Drug Administration as different species (Amarowicz, Naczk and Shahidi 2000).”


I found it very interesting that the history of Rapeseed/Canola Oil stems from...




Lubricant oil for engines in the 18th century! 


Alternatively, scientists may argue that through technological progression and new methods of purifying and extraction, (from what I understand) they can make something which was initially toxic non-toxic. They will also argue that Canola oil has less erucic acid in its oil than Rapeseed or that Canola is to be celebrated as scientists have successfully found a way of making an inedible oilseed into ‘the healthiest edible oil’ on the market today. Sounds like a success story for investors and money-makers within an industry called Food.


I will end it at this, incorporating Rapeseed Oil as part of my diet left my eye sight deteriorated, gave me random headaches...


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Note: This article was originally written in Janurary 2013 in issue 2 of ISIS Mag. Since then, this oil has been promoted and widely implemented in most of our everyday food products such as; chocolates, cakes, cereal bars, breads, butters, sauces etc. Why? Because it is one of the cheapest oils in the industry. Much of the oils promotion have come from renowned chefs on TV or food shows, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Many fast food resturants also use Rapeseed oil/Canola oil in their dishes, because it's cheap! 


Go through some of your food products at home. Have you found Rapeseed oil in it (if you're in the UK) or Canola oil (if you're in the US)? Tweet me a pic of them or at me here



Linda Graham

Linda Graham

Spiritual | Vegan | LSE Academic | Autodidac | Bibliophile | Founder & Chief Editor of ZURI Magazine | E: or tweet me @LindaGraham89
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