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5 holistic ways to rebalance after a long day

by ZURI Magazine in Holistic Health

Holistic wayt to Relax

Whether you're in college, university or working there will be a time that work will be on your mind after a long day, for some of us this could be everyday (sorry). Even if we're blessed enough to love what we do or love going to work, mentally taking work home is never a good position to be in. We all know it affects our spouse, family and friends but many of us forget how harmful this can be to us in general. Ever been woken up because you remembered an email you forgot to send? Or couldn't sleep because your mind was planning for tomorrow? Yep we've all been there so here are 5 tips that will hopefully aid the slumber you deserve.


1) Put it somewhere else!

The reason why it's on our mind is because we haven't done it, we're worried about it or we're not sure how it went. Okay, well get it out of your mind onto another format! This can be in the form of writing it down, speaking into a recorder or write an email to yourself, send it and open it when you need it.

Remember, thoughts are energy so putting it into another format is a transfer of this energy.


2) Meditate

One of our personal favourites is meditation – healing your mental and spiritual at the same time. For those of you who may find it hard to quiet the mind before meditating try a shower/ bath or listen to some relaxing music. If you find it hard to meditate alone, find a group or sit with a friend and share the experience (just make sure your friend isn’t a work friend!)


3) Yoga

An exercise that has positive effects not only mentally but physically and spiritually. Yoga rebalances one's energy centre leaving you feeling calm and refreshed (depending on how rigorous your session is). This is perfect when you’ve just come in or to calm you down ready for a perfect night’s sleep.

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Pro Tip: Combine this with Lavender Essential Oil in a diffuser for an immersive experience.


4) Holistic Bath

This is a wonderful way to spend some well deserved alone time; Essential Oils, Incense and Candles. What more would could you ask for? Schedule this into your week as many times a necessary, Co founder and Chief Editor @Lindagraham89 leaves this little treat for Friday evenings.


5) Create a Zen Zone

What is a Zen Zone? Well it can be described as a place that is associated with calm and is used solely for encouraging calm. This could be a corner in your room or a different room in your house. Honestly? It could be anywhere you can relax and can ensure you cannot get stressed under any circumstance. If it’s in a room in your house, grab some candles, set up a comfy chair, calming music and some fruits and stay in this place until your mind/ emotions settle.

What's your most effective way of freeing your mind before returning home? Has any of the above worked for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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