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5 Simple Tips for Soft Hydrated Skin This Winter [1 of 2]

by ZURI Magazine in Skin

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How would you like to have soft, healthy skin despite the cold winter weather? Dry winter skin has long been considered to be an unwanted but expected side effect of winter weather. The good news it that winter no longer means that you have to suffer with dry, flaky and itchy skin. There are things you can do to combat the effects of the cold weather and keep your skin soft and hydrated. Take a look at these 10 winter skincare tips that you can use to ward off dry brittle winter skin.


1. Get A Humidifier

In winter, the dry weather outside is not your skin’s only enemy. The heat generated by your indoor heater can also make your skin very dry. A good way to combat the heat inside your home or office is to get a humidifier. A humidifier will help both your skin and your hair to feel less dry when you are inside during the winter. As most of us will likely spend more time inside than out during the cold months, a humidifier is a wise investment to help protect your skin.


2. M for Moisturise 

The moisturiser you used in the summer and spring won’t necessarily work as well in winter. During cold weather you should avoid water –based creams as they will dry quickly, leaving a your skin parched. Look for a natural oil-based lotions or creams to moisturise your skin in winter. Applying a good moisturiser that is oil-based can actually reduce dryness by creating a thin protective layer on the skin. It is also best to select natural oils that can reduce clogging while giving your skin a healthy glow. 


3. Get Exfoliating

Dead skin cells can block moisture from being absorbed into your skin. Using an exfoliating mask on your hands and face, even on your lips, can really help your skin to retain moisture and feel smoother in the winter. This should be an integral part of your skin regmien.


4. Workout!

Exercising in the winter is not only a good way to beat the winter blues and stay in shape, it is also very good for your skin as well. When you do exercise, even for 20 minutes, you will increase your heart rate and get more blood circulating in your body. Some of that blood will go to your skin, bringing with it nutrients that help your skin produce more collagen, which makes it firmer and younger looking.


5. Make Water your BFF

Drink lots of water to help your body and your skin stay hydrated. Between the cold, windy weather and the overheated interiors of most buildings your skin can lose a lot of moisture and drinking water can help to replenish it. 


Are any of these currently on your list? Or have you tried any? Let us know in the comments below or at us @ZuriMagazine

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