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7 Quick & Sexy Styles for your Crochet Braids

by ZURI Magazine in Natural Hair

A large part of being Natural is experimentation - trying to learn and understand your hair. As it gets colder and colder, we’re getting lazier (hopefully not too lazy) and feeling less creative than usual but none of these are an excuse not to look flawless.


If it’s volume you’re after or versatility, Crochet Braids should be first on your list. Not convinced? Check out Caysworld below!


But what if you want to style it a little? Whether you’ve got an important meeting the following day or you’re prepping for a date, we’ve found a video with 7 ways you can feel your best, by looking your best! Like any protective style, be sure to maintain it using your usual line of products or your favourite essential oils (for the more seasoned Naturals).

Check out the video below and let us know your favourite style or tweet us your own styles!

Thumbnail image courtesy of the stunning @kiitanaxo

ZURI Magazine

ZURI Magazine

ZURI Magazine is the ULTIMATE go-to guide for women with Natural hair, locs, curls or who may be transitioning. Filled with tips, tricks and expert advice from your favourite bloggers, vloggers and beauty experts- it’s the only place for all your feminine needs.
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