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Is your Skin Regimen failing you? [1 of 3]

by ZURI Magazine in Skin

A lot of us have spent loads of time finding or creating the perfect formula to achieve our skin goals but sadly not all of us are seeing results. You’ve spent weeks following your morning and evening routine, bought make-up to compliment, invested in a skin cleanser, and are even sticking to the amount of water you’re drinking to support your skin on the road to flawlessness and yet nothing. No improvement, some of us are even worse off! This is probably one of the all time lows of any woman (next to losing hair whilst detangling) because you can’t understand why it’s not working and you end up saying to yourself “How come it worked for *insert popular vlogger here* and not me? What am I doing wrong?? Is her skin just better than mine?” *cue comfort eating*.

The reality is, many of us have been there, some of us are still there and sadly many of us still haven’t learnt so we’ve dug through the emails we’ve received about this topic and have put together some questions you can ask yourself in this 3 part series to get you back on track.


Are you drinking enough Water?

Water for Skin Regimes

Water is honestly the forgotten gem of flawless, youthful and vibrant looking skin. It’s important to keep our skin hydrated at all times as the foundation to our regimen. If it’s not, going back to the drawing board sounds like something you need to do. There isn’t any point cleansing from the outside in because our skin is the number one indicator of what’s going on inside us. 8 cups a day is the recommended amount however if this leaves you running back and forth from the toilet to often, adjust it to an amount you’re okay with!


Am I wearing make up for too long?

Make Up for Skin Regimes

One of the biggest pitfalls we make as women is thinking we can cover up everything with a little concealer... well we can, but it’s definitely a short term solution that usually comes back to bite us. The sad reality is that we’d rather spend £30+ on MAC make-up than purchase cleansing teas (we’ve all been there). If you’re out for 8 hours, wearing makeup for 8 hours, your skin isn’t breathing... for 8 hours! There are definitely some brands out that that take this into consideration, but honestly there is nothing better than going Plain Jane for a couple days.


What ingredients are inside my products?

Cosmetics for Skin Regimes

Harmful ingredients are littered everywhere throughout beauty products and a lot of the time, despite our efforts, we’re caught out because they’ve come up with some derivative we haven’t seen before! It’s important to stay on your A game when shopping for new products. In fact, when repurchasing your favourite products, double check that ingredient list. Companies are always looking new ways to cut costs so we should always be looking out for new ingredients that weren’t there before!


To Conclude...

Your skin regimen should support you at every step of your journey to flawless skin, if something feels off, address it immediately. Let us know how you’ve got on with your regimen in the comments below and stay tuned for part 2!

ZURI Magazine

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